Apple objects to new EU plans to make all phone chargers the same

The EU is set to propose new laws for all mobile phone companies to use a universal charger in a bid to make life easier for consumers.

The European Union executive and EU lawmakers have been pushing for a charger for over a decade, saying it would be better for the environment and more convenient for users, according to The Telegraph. It is estimated the law could cut e-waste by 980 tonnes a year.


The Commission wants the sale of chargers to be decoupled from devices, and also proposed a harmonised charging port within the EU.

The legislation, which will be proposed later today (September 22), is expected to deter manufacturers from selling chargers with every new smartphone, in a bid to further cut waste. It will also call for customers to have the choice to continue using their old chargers.

Apple iPhone Credit: Getty

But the move has angered Apple, whose iPhones use a special “lightning cable”, with the company saying the move will lead to piles of waste, deter innovation and annoy consumers.

The company has clashed with the Commission on a number of occasions in recent years. In April, the the body accused Apple’s App store of antitrust violations.

In 2016, it ordered Apple to pay €13billion (£11.1billion) in back taxes to Ireland, although that was later thrown out by the European Court of Justice.

The latest legislative proposal is the first step towards the requirement becoming EU law. Once it is proposed by the Commission, the European Parliament and EU governments will debate their plans.

Only when the parliament, which has signalled its support for the plan, and the Council agree on an identical text, can the bill become law. The Commission hopes the bill will be adopted by 2022.

Meanwhile, earlier this year Apple sent a letter to artists and labels saying that it now pays double what Spotify does per stream on average.


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