IU teases lyrics of upcoming digital single ‘Strawberry Moon’

IU has released a lyric teaser for upcoming single, titled ‘Strawberry Moon’.

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At midnight KST on October 15, the South Korean musician unveiled a 12-second clip that previews the lyrics to ‘Strawberry Moon’, which will be released on October 19 at midnight KST.


The new retro-inspired clip opens with blurry shots of polaroid pictures pinned to a wall, video game consoles, and a room lined with floral wallpaper. It then cuts to a shot of IU  levitating as she is enveloped in pink rays of light. “Above the blue us / One scoop of a big strawberry moon / How does it feel to have the world?” read the lyrics on screen.

IU Digital Single

<strawberry moon>

Lyric Teaser

🍓🌝 2021.10.19 00:00 (KST)#아이유 #IU#strawberry_moon pic.twitter.com/FyP4tE6ofv

— 아이유(IU) 공식 트위터 (@_IUofficial) October 14, 2021

Last week, the singer dropped a “concept moving teaser” for forthcoming release. The short video emulates the feel of an old-school newspaper with faux articles about a “strawberry moon” and the different names for the various cycles of full moons.

IU Digital Single

<strawberry moon>

Concept Moving Teaser

🍓🌝 2021.10.19 00:00 (KST)#아이유 #IU#strawberry_moon pic.twitter.com/eFfYjbMWsO

— 아이유(IU) 공식 트위터 (@_IUofficial) October 7, 2021

Earlier this year, IU made long-awaited comeback with her fifth studio album ‘LILAC’, which included the lead singles ‘Celebrity’ and ‘Coin’, as well as a title track of the same name. In a four-star review, NME described the singer’s latest full-length effort as “a near-perfect, wide-ranging pop gem from K-pop’s darling”.

Aside from solo releases, IU also contributed to ’s collaborative album ‘Next Episode’, on the track ‘NAKKA’. She appeared on the alongside guests like Zion.T, Crush and Sam Kim.

Last month, IU celebrated the 13th anniversary of debut by donating ​​₩850million (roughly £523,000) worth of goods and supplies to various charities and organisations. According to her agency EDAM Entertainment, the singer had donated 1,000 pairs of New Balance sneakers and delivered 2,000 boxes of pizzas to children and teenagers living in shelters, and more.


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