EPL title: I’m not bothered – Jamie Carragher fires back at David Luiz

Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher, has hit back former Arsenal and Chelsea defender, David Luiz, after the Brazilian said it was ‘funny’ that the former England international never won the Premier League before he retired from football.

Carragher was frequently critical of Luiz when he played in the Premier League, but the 34-year-old centre-back said he had ‘forgotten the past’.


Luiz, who now plays for Flamengo, recently said: “It’s funny, some talk about how to win the Premier League, but they have never won it.

“Jamie Carragher never won the Premier League.

“They talk and say: ‘This player isn’ right for this league.’

“Yet, I won the league. These have forgotten the past.”

Reacting to the development, Carragher said he was ‘not bothered’ by Luiz’s comments, adding that he would not have a problem with the player if he saw him physically.

“David Luiz had a pop me the other day in a newspaper, saying I had not won the league because I would be critical of him as a player,” Carragher told the Tony Bellew is Angry podcast.

“And I have been critical of David Luiz, there is no doubt about that. Again nothing personal.

“But he is right, I have not won the league, if that is his comeback, fine.

“We were completely different players and that is why I was maybe more critical of him and maybe he wasn’ my cup of tea.

“But if I was to see him now, I would not have a problem just because he had a pop me.

“What I have learnt is, the older you get the less you care about what think or say about you.

“I mean, we don’ like criticism, but the older you get, you are just like ‘I’m not bothered’.”


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